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On Friday 05 December 2008 21:46, stan wrote:
> Nigel Henry wrote:
> > I'm trying to help someone with sound problems on Fedora 10. I don't have
> > F10 installed, and am not sure which alsa packages are installed on a
> > fresh install of F10.
> >
> > I know the alsa-driver is 1.0.17, but he is showing alsa-lib as
> > 1.0.18rc3, and alsa-utils as 1.0.18. This seems a bit strange, as the
> > alsa driver is an earlier version than those for alsa-lib, and
> > alsa-utils.
> >
> > Could someone have a look in Yumex, and see which alsa-lib, and
> > alsa-utils versions are installed on their machine.
> >
> > Please say whether this is after or before doing a post install yum
> > update, and if the rpmfusion repo's are enabled, or not.
> >
> > Many thanks for replies.
> >
> > Nigel.
> I don't know about default, but I have the following alsa
> packages on a fully updated Fedora 10 x86_64 system after
> customizing.
> alsa-lib.i386                        1.0.18-6.rc3.fc10
>     installed
> alsa-lib.x86_64                      1.0.18-6.rc3.fc10
>     installed
> alsa-lib-devel.x86_64                1.0.18-6.rc3.fc10
>     installed
> alsa-oss.x86_64                      1.0.17-1.fc10
>     installed
> alsa-oss-devel.x86_64                1.0.17-1.fc10
>     installed
> alsa-oss-libs.x86_64                 1.0.17-1.fc10
>     installed
> alsa-plugins-jack.x86_64             1.0.18-1.rc3.fc10
>     installed
> alsa-plugins-oss.x86_64              1.0.18-1.rc3.fc10
>     installed
> alsa-plugins-pulseaudio.x86_64       1.0.18-1.rc3.fc10
>     installed
> alsa-plugins-samplerate.x86_64       1.0.18-1.rc3.fc10
>     installed
> alsa-plugins-upmix.x86_64            1.0.18-1.rc3.fc10
>     installed
> alsa-plugins-vdownmix.x86_64         1.0.18-1.rc3.fc10
>     installed
> alsa-tools.x86_64                    1.0.17-1.fc10
>     installed
> alsa-utils.x86_64                    1.0.18-6.fc10
>     installed
> alsamixergui.x86_64                  0.9.0-0.4.rc1.fc9.2
>     installed
> balsa.x86_64                         2.3.26-2.fc10
>     installed
> bluez-alsa.x86_64                    4.17-2.fc10
>     installed
> callweaver-alsa.x86_64     
>     installed
> python-alsaaudio.x86_64              0.3-1.fc9
>     installed
> I'm not sure if the alsa-lib.i386 is necessary or caused by
> some fumbling around I've done.

Thanks Stan.

That sort of looks like there should be no problem in having an earlier 
version of the alsa driver than the versions of alsa-lib, and alsa-utils.

I'm trying to help someone with sound problems with Fedora 10. All sound 
modules are loaded, but no soundcard detected.

This is on an OQO pocket pc machine. He has another 3 of these machines, which 
are using Centos 5.2, and sound is working on these, but no sounds from the 
one with Fedora 10 installed.

Centos 5.2 is using alsa driver version 1.0.14rc3, and sounds are fine, yet 
Fedora 10 using alsa driver 1.0.17, has all snd modules loaded, but no 
soundcard detected.

The thread starts yesterday, with the subject line.
F10-No sound on my OQO

Any suggestions to resolving Robert's problem

Links to the output after running the script below.

The link below is the output from running on F10

And the link below is the output for running on his Centos 


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