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Eric Penrose wrote:
I find it confusing that the settings on fedora 9 live for firewall are such that we tick the options that we trust such as secure http or http. If firewall is on anyway, what is the implication of setting these internet options to trust as opposed to leaving firewall on, but without these trust settings when going on line?
The options for service connections to trust do not impact your use of such services elsewhere. They control whether the firewall will permit other machines to connect to those service ports on YOUR box - the one you are setting the firewall options on. Thus the http option for example is relevant only if you wish to run a web server on the box and make it available to others on the network.
Examine the file /etc/sysconfig/iptables that is produced by this gui
tool, and research 'iptables' if you wish to understand what is going on
in greater detail.

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