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> Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 15:33:03 -0500
> From: "Mark Haney" <[email protected]>
> Subject: Re: Wireless, Broadcom
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> Well, not everything you said makes sense.  Let's see if I can
> this into something I can follow.
> 1.  You can't get the broadcom card to work with Fedora (9?)?
> 2.  You've tried a couple of howtos and none have worked?  (What
> exactly?)
I did not keep a record, these are the one that I remember. I at one
point try to install the ndiswrapper but I could not complete the
installation but I do not remember why and at what point.

> 3.  Now you can't get the Windows driver to work?
> 4. You tried the howto from and can get the light on, and
> SELinux error which you fixed?
> 5.  This doesn't tell us if you actually got the card working in
> Did you?

I assume that because the light comes on and also loaded the proper MAC
number it now recognize the card. 
how can I tell, the only thing I know the wireless light is now lit and
I can Activate by going to network setup and press the activate button,
but it will not activate by it self.
> 6.  The Fedora setup shouldn't have been affected by anything you did
> fedora.  However, without knowing which guidelines you used, I can't
> for certain

> I've run a broadcom card in Fedora for 2 years now without any
> at all.  What card are you using?  What chipset?  What does lspci and 
> lsmod show? 

I do not know where to look for thus file
I have HP zv6000 with broadcom bcm4306 minipci wireless board. 

> You haven't really given us a lot of detail on WHAT exactly is
> or not happening.  Just that it doesn't work.

The wireless everything else is OK
if there is any thing else you need to know to help understand the
problem please let me know. 

> I really rather doubt re-installing Windows is necessary.  > >
> he broadcom drivers, maybe.  It's possible there are setting in Linux 
> being carried across a restarts into Windows.  But I've not seen that 
> problem in a while.

I do not know if the driver are loaded by fedora on boot up, but if 
installed in flash memory they will be there for windows also.

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