Re: how to count nfs clients attached to my server?

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Steve Berg wrote:
Thomas Cameron wrote:
Skunk Worx wrote:
Is there a way, on a server, to discover how many clients are currently attached to a NFS file share?
I'd like to be able to see a list of the clients that have "my" NFS
share mounted.
It's my understanding /usr/sbin/exportfs gives a list but it is not
reliable as it depends on clients un-mounting the share properly.
I suppose the nature of NFS makes it impossible to maintain/calculate
an accurate client list, but I thought I'd ask anyway.
Have a look at /var/lib/nfs/rmtab and other files in /var/lib/nfs/

/usr/sbin/showmount will give you a list of IP's connected.

Neither of these are reliable. They pick up new client mounts ok but do
not reliably remove the entries when the clients umount the share.
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