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James Wilkinson wrote:
you use mutt. can mutt not send 'text/plain' in 8 bit?

> Depends. I’d argue that what is *really* a waste is that most mail
> clients have to encode 8 bit e-mails with quoted-printable or base64,
> for reliability reasons¹.

> Base64 can actually lead to smaller e-mails than quoted-printable when

and again, you are missing point that i have been trying to get across.
see 'my point' below.

Tim wrote:

> Nine times out of ten, there is no "conversion".  If the text can be
> represented in the same encoding scheme as the message,

> There are so many things which cannot transmit 8-bit clean, still (such
> as any text with accent marks in it, or symbols).

still missing it.

'my point' is this;

*subject: fedora net etiquette*

this is 'fedora-list'. it is not intercourse between business, people
writing in a 'non english language', or commercial advertisements.

it is a *tech support list* with people speaking in one common language
as best as some are able to. [no degradation intended]

there is no need for accent marks, special characters or symbols. yet posters
continue to do so.

the 'guidelines' state, in general terms, 'plain text'. for some reason there
are posters who continue to send 'mime', 'quoted' and 'base64' instead of
'text/plain 8-bit'.

i am not talking about attachments of 'graphic', 'binary' or any other type
of attachments that need be sent as base64.

and because they do, they come up with ever excuse they can to justify their
doing so. why?

if i and many others can set up our mail clients for 'text/plain' 8-bit,
why not rest of posters.

my only reasoning is that they do not care to bother to and to hell with
who does not like.

'tniop ym'.
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