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Craig White wrote:
> the problem is not usb
> kvm which are actually becoming the norm because most modern
> motherboards do not even bother with ps/2 connectors, but rather that
> his particular kvm offers the ability to become a device hub which
> theoretically, meant that you could plug devices such as usb printers
> and they were for most purposes, shared. The devil of course is in the
> details and apparently the details aren't handled too well on that
> particular kvm.

I'm not convinced that there is any problem with the KVM switch at all. USB is 
designed for hot plugging, so operating systems have to expect that a USB 
device may disappear at any time, and apparently Cups handles the disappering 
printer quite well. The USB related messages aren't filling the disk now, so 
why assume that they did before?

Unfortunately Beartooth had to nuke the huge file to get a usable system back, 
so if the problem doesn't resurface we may never know what it was.

Björn Persson

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