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> Can anyone explain this? I'd like to be able to go forward with
> I think (no proof) that the install of the kernel removed something (?) needed
> for ext3 fs to mount cleanly, thanks for any help!

Hey Gary. I can't believe you're the only other person that has posted
something about this issue. I ran into it a few days ago when I first
updated to I guess we're the only people who use
the relatime option that have updated so far. Anyway. Prime example of
why one should never remove an old kernel before testing a new one....

For those that didn't quite understand what Gary's saying, this latest
kernel doesn't appear to have support for relatime, and so the system
chokes right after GRUB passes control to the kernel and it tries to
mount / read-only. I'm no dev though--haven't looked at the source.

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