Re: Fedora 9 32 or 64 Bit - Which One?

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Charlie McVeigh wrote:
I apologize if this question has been asked before.   I have a new
Thinkpad T61 in scheduled to arrive sometime next week.  I want to
install Fedora 9 on it.   Being as it has a Core 2 Duo processor, I
assume I can install the 64 bit version of Fedora 9.  My question is
what are the pros and cons that I need to consider when choosing 32 or
64 bit version of Fedora 9?  I am currently using a Thinkpad T42
running Fedora Core 7, so I have no experience with 64 bit linux or
associated issues.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

At the moment, unless you have really large application which benefit from > 4G memory, the hassle of 64 bit is more than some benefit, and it appears that 32 bit application may be nicer to cache and therefore somewhat faster. You can use more than 4G of memory in the kernel, to be used to run smaller applications, although Alan Cox indicates using a PAE kernel is slower. I haven't seen that, so I suspect it's one of those "in some cases" things.
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