Re: Two problems in f9 - pulseaudio and kde4 - need suggestions

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On Sun, 2008-10-12 at 02:01 -0400, William W. Austin wrote:
> And then there is the inability 
> to add apps to panel itself - a serious lack for my purposes.
> On this issue, it's possible that I have missed something, and if so 
> someone please clue me in (I have RTFM'ed AND RTFsourceCode + web 
> searched so much that my eyes are beginning to rebel).

You need to check the archives of this list. This question has been
answered at least half a dozen times before (I won't bother repeating it
as other people have already done so). It's one of those "easy when you
know how" things, like a lot of other KDE4 stuff. To repeat: KDE4 is not
an upgrade of KDE3, it's a completely new desktop. I've been using it
for several months now and once you get used to the idea it's actually
perfectly serviceable.


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