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Timothy Murphy wrote:
James Kosin wrote:

I tried installing F-10 from the hard disk
on my Thinkpad T43
but came up against two major impediments:

1. The cursor is not visible.
Occasionally something lights up, to show where the cursor is
(eg when specifying one's location),
but on other occasions it does not seem to be active at all
(eg when nominating partitions for / , etc).

2. The display extends below the bottom of my screen,
and there seems to be no way of moving to the bottom,
where the "Continue" button is hidden.
I can move on by pressing TAB several times
and guessing where I have got to.
Quite often I hit the Back button by mistake,
which is rather annoying.

[It does not seem possible to move the display
holding down Alt-Left button.]

Anyone come across these problems with F-10?

Sounds like you need to change the screen resolution to a resolution
supported by your laptops Flat-Panel-Display.

The laptop works perfectly with Fedora-9,
as also with all previous Fedora's.
Also works fine with Windows XP.

How should I change the resolution under Fedora-10,
as a matter of interest, since it is not installed?

You can start at the first menu, and edit the command line (I don't have a system I can boot at this moment) using TAB (from memory, it tells you). Add a "video=800x600" or some such to the startup line. If that fails you might try "video=vesafb:800x600" which I haven't tried on F10 but used on other systems in the past.
Bill Davidsen <[email protected]>
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