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Timothy Murphy wrote:
> James Kosin wrote:
>>> I tried installing F-10 from the hard disk
>>> on my Thinkpad T43
>>> but came up against two major impediments:
>>> 1. The cursor is not visible.
>>> Occasionally something lights up, to show where the cursor is
>>> (eg when specifying one's location),
>>> but on other occasions it does not seem to be active at all
>>> (eg when nominating partitions for / , etc).
>>> 2. The display extends below the bottom of my screen,
>>> and there seems to be no way of moving to the bottom,
>>> where the "Continue" button is hidden.
>>> I can move on by pressing TAB several times
>>> and guessing where I have got to.
>>> Quite often I hit the Back button by mistake,
>>> which is rather annoying.
>>> [It does not seem possible to move the display
>>> holding down Alt-Left button.]
>>> Anyone come across these problems with F-10?
>> Sounds like you need to change the screen resolution to a resolution
>> supported by your laptops Flat-Panel-Display.
> Really?
> The laptop works perfectly with Fedora-9,
> as also with all previous Fedora's.
> Also works fine with Windows XP.
> How should I change the resolution under Fedora-10,
> as a matter of interest, since it is not installed?
Ok, now I got you.  You mean the install CD is choosing the wrong
resolution; so, you can't install FC-10.
Anyone know if "Do they still provide the text-only install option on


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