Updating FC8 -> FC9 is not possible from x86_64 to 32 bit

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Hi all,

I need to upgrade my laptop in which is installed fedora 8 64bit.
I would like to install fc9 32 bit, so the update/upgrade is not

I installed fc9, updated it with yum, and after that I copied my home
dir from the old installation.

I used kde on fc8 so I want to use kde also on fc9 but it doesn't seem
to work well. Menu disappeared and so on, but after I copied my home,
nothing works good.

There are known issues about kde 4 on fc9 for which the desktop is not
working well?

Also, I didn't solved my issue with USB disk devices, for which I have
to work with kernel If I use a more recent kernel,
like I experiment USB disconnection and my mounted
filesystems crashes.
I had same issues with fc9 kernels, so I think it is the first issue to
solve for me (or a new laptop :-( )

Maybe I need to update also the PC Bios, (Acer travelmate 5510) but I
don't know how to do it, without a DOS floppy. Someone can help me how
to do it, so maybe I can solve my USB problems?

Tnx to all in advance

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