Re: Fedora on old hardware?

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James Wilkinson wrote:
Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
Just to let you know, your system will make a piss poor graphical system (too slow) with the current environments. You'd really have to dig around to find a light-weight one that works. Its probably OK for command line stuff though.
Um. The Original Poster didn’t tell us how much memory he had. In my
experience, a K6-2 should be fine for processor power for anything that
isn’t CPU intensive, but is unlikely to have enough memory to run Gnome
or KDE well.
Most K6-2 motherboards maxed out around 384MB.

A K6-2 really isn’t that much slower than some of the new Intel Atom
processors found in some of the new light-weight laptops.
No, but they come with old BIOSes and don't support large disks or much RAM.

Hope this helps,


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