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Zylogue wrote:
> This looks like it will be a great solution for my needs, as
> well. However, I need to be able to respond/reply to messages from a
> variety of accounts and still have the sent message going out the
> correct account. This is for internal e-mail accounts that I have in
> some monitored customer's networks and for mailing lists.
> How could this be handled sensibly?
> Thanks!
> Zylogue
I am not sure I understand what you are after - do you want the
From: address on replies to match the To: address of the mail you
are replying to, or do you want all the mails to have the same
e-mail address? (All from [email protected]?)

The first case is usually handled by the program you use to read the
mail, the second cane be, or can be handled by the local smtp
program. I don't remember if Sendmail requires any configuration to
let you use other From: addresses.

If you want each From: address to use a different relay host, or
send some mail directly to the clients mail server, that can als be


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