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On Tue, 2008-08-26 at 12:28 +0000, g wrote:
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> Matthew Saltzman wrote:
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> > (Basically, UTC
> > is London time with no DST adjustment, give or take a few ticks...).
> for me, here in cst, i have never had a problem of thinking - 6 hours for
> local time and - 5 for dst. once you do it for a while, it is second nature.
> when i had to use msbsos, i always used gmt and disabled dst. even had
> a few people tell me my clock was off. for some reason they had trouble
> understanding why i did not use dst and were more confused when i would
> reply with, 'not every body does'.
> > The only disadvantage is that when you are in Windows, the clock shows
> > UTC.  If you wear a watch, that's not a big deal.
> you wear a watch?

Call me old-fashioned...

> > you'll find yourself several hours early to your appointments.
> being early can in some case, give a good impression. ;o)
> > Clemson University Math Sciences
> math sciences and you have problems with something like time? :o)

Most mathematicians I know are terrible with numbers.

"There are three types of mathematicians in the world: Those that can
count and those that can't."---Anonymous

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