Re: "Permission denied" error for root user when perms are 0775?

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R. G. Newbury wrote:
[ edited for relevance ]
> Thanks to both of you. Good pointers.
> The drive is a partition on the same spindle, mounted '-t ext3 /dev/sda5
> /keep', BUT /etc/fstab has the partition as 'users,defaults' it IS
> possible that 'defaults' = 'noexec'...easily tested: thank you.

nope, it's not 'defaults', it's 'users':
from the mount manpage:

users - Allow every user to mount and unmount the file system. This
option implies the options noexec, nosuid, and nodev (unless overridden
by subsequent options, as in the option line users,exec,dev,suid).

IIRC 'user' has the same problems.


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