Re: Anaconda (or libata?) device detection order

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Alan Cox wrote:
>> I do not think that there is any way for anaconda, given the constraints 
>> of libata and the BIOS, to determine if the first drive offered is PATA.
> In theory you can map BIOS drives to PCI devices using EDD 3.0 tables and
> then use word 93 of the identify data to map the devices to PATA v SATA.
> In practice EDD tables seem to be pretty good but various devices get
> word 93 wrong - notably cruddy ATAPI devices.
> Our current order is basically
> - link order for compiled in drivers (if any), which is fairly undefined
> but does put acpi, generic, legacy last
> - module load order otherwise
> For multiple devices off the same module it is then defined by the PCI
> bus ordering of devices which depends on the PCI scan order.
> The order modules get loaded is from userspace

Thanks, that's all useful info. Maybe I can use it to figure out a solution.


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