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If you see later post, I provided output from 3 of the vterms (f3,f4,f5) and am still looking into how to get around the fact that I think there isn't a driver that works for the DVD in the machine. That being said, I never did try a power off, power on, boot off DVD w/o media check.
Suggestions from any and all welcome (right now I am burning 6 CD boot
media to see if the CD is at least understood for booting.

Ken Murray wrote:
On Sat, Aug 9, 2008 at 1:25 PM, Paul Newell <[email protected]> wrote:

Put them in DVD/CD drive of Linux box. I ran the media check and it
successfully verified. Continuing on, the disk ejects with an error box that
say, in text in upper left, "ok" and has a button to push which says, of
course, "ok". Both DVDs do this and I tried on two different Linux boxes.
Let's just say I'm not getting too many hints out of the process of what
might be going on.
Now that you know the media passes the media check, have you tried
just booting off the DVD and skipping the media check?

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