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Well i have same font sizes, same resolution, same DPI, LCD subpixel hinting full, still weird not nice

On Mon, Aug 4, 2008 at 1:48 PM, Jorge Fábregas <[email protected]> wrote:
On Sunday 03 August 2008 05:22:07 pm David Hláčik wrote:
> So far, i have found on forums there is no difference. So after installing
> that freetype-freeword font smoothing on Fedora 9 will be same as on Ubuntu?

Well, it's not that straight forward.  To simplify the matter, there are two
things:  rendering engine (and how it is configured, e.g subpixel hinting
etc) and the other is the typeface itself :)  So if you want to compare a
particular version of Ubuntu with a particular version of Fedora you need to
check those 2 things, at least.

Regarding the freetype world package...Once you install it you need to enable
subpixel hinting in your Desktop Environment (KDE or GNOME or whatever).   In
KDE you need to go to Control Center/Fonts and then enable "use
anti-aliasing" and once there click "Configure" to enable subpixel hinting.


p.d Also you need to check if the dpi for your monitor is the same on both
distros...Google is your friend.


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