yum upgrade F8-F9 Gnome panels causing mischief

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I yup upgraded from F8 to F9 following the directions on the wiki.
Here's what I did

Xfce works perfectly fine as do all of my usual programs.  When I try to
login to Gnome I am stuck with the background and no panels.  I can move
my mouse around and I can switch desktops which rotates the cube (so
compiz is working)  I cannot right-click and get the desktop menu.

If I run Gnome/Openbox, the panels load and I can use them for a few
seconds.  Then two error boxes pop up.  They are completely whited out
so I have no idea what they say.  Once they pop up, the panels become
unusable.  So I think I have some program perhaps loading into the panel
which is causing problems.  

Without nuking my .gnome directory, is there anything else I can do?  
Eric Mesa
Most of the emails from this account should be signed with my GPG key so
that you know it's me.  The only exception is when I'm using gmail from
the web.

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