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On Jul 28, 2008, Antonio Olivares <[email protected]> wrote:

> I care about freedom, I just do not care for the GNU attaching
> itself to Linux

That's a decision that Linux developers made very early on in their
project.  They just decided to deny it to fool you.  And yet, you side
with them.

> Accepting that would be to accept other projects

Name any other that is as essential for the system and that is bigger
than GNU.  The question is not who would want it, the question is who
is entitled to it.

> You have not given up in pushing that name, GNU/Linux, it is already
> there, what more do you want?

I wouldn't settle for less than equal mention wherever Linux is not
being used to name what it is: a kernel.

> RMS is the one requesting this

I am.  He's not here.  He's not even aware I'm doing this here.


2006 is quite late.  The campaign to rename GNU to Linux started at
least 14 years before.  The reaction started at least 12 years before.

>> always have been: on the operating system that people chose to run
>> on top of the kernel Linux.

> People did not choose it to run on top of the linux kernel,

And yet, that's what they're doing to this date.

> they wanted the HURD kernel,

Different set of people.

> but since it did not meet the needs of the people,

Fallacious use of 'people' to refer to two different sets.

> they wrapped around the GNU utilities on top of that kernel created
> by Linus Torvalds, that could have been named Freax,

Yeah, the kernel could have been named Freax.  Then they'd have
renamed the GNU operating system to Freaks.

And it's not GNU utilities.  It's an operating system.  If it was just
"the GNU utilities", you might be right.  *BSD do that, and it would
be just silly to ask *BSD to be named GNU/*BSD just because of a few
utilities.  *BSD are complete operating systems.  Linux is just a
kernel, that depends on and uses the rest of the GNU operating system.
That's the difference.

> Instead of asking the users of Linux ($ uname -o), to give credit,
> why not ask the distributions themselves?

Sure, why not?  How did this sub-thread started, do you remember?
Mentioning that Fedora presented itself on its web site as
Linux-based, rather than GNU+Linux-based.  So, yes, asking the
distributions.  And at the same time spreading awareness about GNU and
freedom, which is the whole point anyway.

Alexandre Oliva
Free Software Evangelist  [email protected]{,}
FSFLA Board Member       ¡Sé Libre! =>
Red Hat Compiler Engineer   [email protected]{,}

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