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Oliver Sampson wrote:
I've just upgraded my Linux system from the motherboard up,

and there
are just a couple of hic-coughs left to clear up before everthing gets
to be hunky-dory.
so now it is time to 'pat it on back a little harder'.

There seems to be a problem with the Avasys drivers and the 64 bit
problem being?

I'd like to be able to use my scanner, an Epson Perfection
V10, (which worked wonderfully with FC6 on my i386 system). Is there a
way to do this?
which is serial, parallel, usb?

yes there usually is a way.

what have you done so far?

'man sane', 'man xsane'?

is scanner being recognized?

have you check 'sane' and 'xsane' sites?

i need to go offline for a couple hours. i am actually trying to get
you to 'pat harder' so others can help you get 'burp' you need.




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