Re: Hardware browser??

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Beartooth wrote:
On Mon, 30 Jun 2008 14:41:23 -0500, Kevin Martin wrote:

Beartooth wrote:
	Curiouser and curiouser : that doesn't work here. I can highlight
them and then click, double-click, or hit enter -- and that doesn't
help, either. The display disappears for a few seconds in favor of the
word "scanning"; but it then comes back unchanged.
Are you running the lshw-gui as root?
	Yes. Shouldn't I be? When I try it as user, it starts off with 
the little pop-up that so many things use, asking for root's password.


No, I would expect that you would /have/ to run it as root in order to collect all the information.  When you start it up for the first time does it show scanning in the upper right pane and show what's being scanned in the message bar lower-left?  Then does it show computer in the left hand pane when it's done?

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