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I see.. This issue must be address to the gnome and fedora developers. Anyway I will try to switch to KDE to test if the problem is still persistent or not.

Thanks once again.


On Thu, Jun 26, 2008 at 3:18 AM, Robin Laing <[email protected]> wrote:
James Corteciano wrote:
Great, its working! How did you manage to find solution by deleting files
associated with user from /tmp ?


I had this happen to me (When I used gnome) and one of my kids using switch user.  It was frustrating and I just started to look at all the config files that are used by gnome.

I then ended up with only the /tmp files left so I deleted them.  All was well.  :)  It was a late night find so the details are not the best thing to remember.

It seems random when it happens and free time at home is to short to test this for now.

I have not seen this issue with kde.

Now why /tmp affects your desktop is an issue that I have just thought could be a security issue for I don't feel any settings for an individual user should be stored in /tmp.

Robin Laing

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