Re: Fedora ain't playin' around w/Firefox 3.

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--- On Thu, 6/19/08, Tim <[email protected]> wrote:

> From: Tim <[email protected]>
> Subject: Re: Fedora ain't playin' around w/Firefox 3.
> To: "For users of Fedora" <[email protected]>
> Date: Thursday, June 19, 2008, 12:00 AM
> Tim:
> >> Like we believe that... (about a company who's
> stated aim was to
> >> database everything).  I think it's more of a
> concern what they'd do
> >> with it, rather than worrying *if* they'll do
> something with it.
> Anne Wilson:
> > The answer's simple enough.  If you don't
> trust them, don't use it.
> I don't.  I don't trust Google not to make use of
> the data, though
> that's not such a great concern since I am doing a lot
> of Google
> searching - they are already databasing me, to a large
> degree.
> More importantly, I don't trust some website to tell me
> that a site is
> safe, when it might not be.  Nor would I rely on it warning
> me about
> some site that mightn't be safe.
> And I could do without any delays being added by waiting
> for a check.
> I don't like the way Firefox ends up on some other OSs.
>  With two or
> three taskbars crowding out the window, and bogging the
> program down
> with further processing.  Firefox's none-to-nippy,
> anymore, without
> making it do even more work.
> I've seen some anti-virus software, for instance, hook
> into the browser,
> and give you warnings about listings you see from Google. 
> Google could
> do that themselves, when they generate results for your
> searches.
Thank you Tim for hitting the nail right on the head.  This is what I am trying to say in the previous messages within this thread.  We need none of that.  I see the toolbars in the other OS, and I would hate ***linux any not just Fedora*** incorporate them, that would definitely make me sad :(  This is what I liked about linux and now they are invading it as well :(

My $0.02, I will have to save so I can fill my car's tank as the 
gas_prices >= $4.00, and gas_prices++) not cool :( either 

$0.02 is not much lost in this case.  


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