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Mike wrote:
> I recently tried to load a song onto my girlfriends ipod through
> rhythm box which failed. Rythmbox put the database out of sync which
> I understand is a bug related to recent generation ipod nanos.

Rhythmbox in Fedora uses libgpod for reading and writing to the ipod.
It is intended to work out of the box.  For the newer ipod's (video
nano, classic, touch, iphone), there is some special handling needed.

This is supposed to be handled via a hal-callout installed with
libgpod.  It should be run automatically when an ipod is connected.  I
have had reports that this works for some and not for others.
Unfortunately, no one has filed a bug about it so far (in either the
Fedora bugzilla or the upstream libgpod/gtkpod bug tracker).  That
makes it hard to diagnose and correct the problem.

You can manually setup the ipod using the ipod-read-sysinfo-extended
command included with libgpod.  Usage is:

ipod-read-sysinfo-extended <device> <mountpoint>

For example:

ipod-read-sysinfo-extended /dev/sdb /media/IPOD

(Notice that the device specified is _not_ a particular partition on
the ipod, but the main device node.)

If you really wanted to sleuth, one of the libgpod developers
suggested something like this to determine where the hal callout could
be failing:

HAL_PROP_VOLUME_FSTYPE=vfat HAL_PROP_BLOCK_DEVICE=/dev/XXX strace /usr/lib/hal/libgpod-callout &>/tmp/ipod.log

(I believe the device should be specified in the same manner as with
the ipod-read-sysinfo-extended command, though I'm not positive of

Anyway, rhythmbox in Fedora is expected to work with the new ipod's.
If it does not, then it is a bug in either rhythmbox or libgpod and it
would be good to get it fixed.

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