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On Wed, 11 Jun 2008 09:07:49 -0700, Clifford Snow wrote:

> When I go to save, save-as or even open documents with applications that
> use the GTK file picker dialog the application crashes.  By changing the
> option in (Tools->Options->General "Use
> dialogs") I was able to resolve the problem for OpenOffice.  However,
> gedit and others are still failing.  
> I've blown away .gnome* and all of the files in /tmp and changed SELinux
> to permissive with no success.  
> I'm thinking that this was caused by bring in my entire home directory
> to a fresh install of Fedora-9.  This does not occur with other users,
> which makes me think that it is somehow being caused by bringing in all
> of the hidden files.
> Any suggestions?

Common sense, please. It sounds like a grave bug. Even if you deal with
"all of the hidden files", the file dialogue (or one of the components it
depends on) must not crash. Try to ensure that none of your installed
packages are damaged (examine "rpm -Va"), capture a full strack-trace [1]
by running an application like gedit from within a terminal, and submit a
bug report a


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