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Jim Dever wrote:
g wrote:

Jim Dever wrote:
Tim wrote:
On Fri, 2008-06-06 at 05:11 -0400, Jim Dever wrote:
I just tried it again to make sure.  From an X session CTRL+ALT+Fn
works but from a text console Alt-Fn does nothing.  It's remains at
the same tty I was at when I issued the CTRL+ALT+Fn from X.  Any
you are saying 'from an x session', then 'from a text console' and
'same tty'.

so, 'from an x session to a text console, aka, virtual console,
staying in same tty, aka, same virtual console'.

Let me try and explain better. From X: Alt-CTRL-F1 takes me to a
just wanted to be sure that we were/are agreed on 'lingo'. lshih.

if you boot level 3, can you change vc terms? if yes,
'x' or something else is crapping on your vc driver.

if not, quick checks:
 boot diff kernel and/or live cd/dvd and/or swap keyboard = wtfiw.

Machine is about a 7 year old Dell with a 110 key PC keyboard.
if dual memory stick, swap for faulty.

good luck.


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