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Jim Dever wrote:
Tim wrote:
On Fri, 2008-06-06 at 05:11 -0400, Jim Dever wrote:
I just tried it again to make sure.  From an X session CTRL+ALT+Fn
works but from a text console Alt-Fn does nothing.  It's remains at
the same tty I was at when I issued the CTRL+ALT+Fn from X.  Any
you are saying 'from an x session', then 'from a text console' and
'same tty'.

so, 'from an x session to a text console, aka, virtual console,
staying in same tty, aka, same virtual console'.


I am back on Fedora 9, now, and both ALT+Fn and CTRL+ALT+Fn are working
for me, so the problem is probably specific to your setup.
for me with f8, saa.

It's definitely a straight plain vanilla installation.
as in what type keyboard? 102 -> 110 key? special music / power, etc?
din, pc, usb port?




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