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Roger Heflin wrote:
David Boles wrote:
Roger Heflin wrote:
David Boles wrote:
Roger Heflin wrote:

On Fri, Jun 6, 2008 at 12:32 PM, Mike Wright <[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]x>> wrote:
    Hi all,

It seems that there are many clueless people who could never write a web page but seem to feel more than qualified to send html mail. I
    am tired of squinting at itty bitty fonts that are rendered by
Thunderbird whenever it displays html email. (List denizens, please
    note: html mail gets an instant delete here; you will receive no
    help from me.)

    Does anybody know how to make Thunderbird display only the
    text/plain portion of multipart email?

I've set up a filter to delete email with the header "Content-Type:
    text/html" but that only catches some of it.

    A hearty toast to whomever can solve this one.


view -> message body as -> plain text
And that bad news for us is those clueless people are developers that develop email programs and really don't have a clue what they are doing, but certainly think they do.

Roger are you aware that your email is composed in rich text formating? Which is as annoying as html. ;-)
Sorry about that.

I used Google's webmail interface for that message, and I checked I cannot see any option in the "settings" to do it any other way (at least all of the time), it kind of looks like you need to hit plain text on a given reply email, and it kind of looks like once you hit plain text (or rich formatting) on any one message it stays that way for all later reply (not exactly how one would have expected the interface to act-or where one would have expected the option to be, and it should still be in settings as that is were it actually belongs for a what appears to be a permanent setting).
This one should not be RTF or HTML, I sent it from thunderbird and I
am 99% sure it is setup to only send plain text.

You did see the  ;-)  in there correct?
Yes, I did, I just agree with your statement about RTF.

Gmail defaults the same way. It is the 'hard line' Linux zealots can
be upset. Most of us just move on.
I am more annoyed that it was not in the settings like it should be, I
always go into the settings and setup things like I want them, but it is
hard to do when they don't put it in the settings, and hide it someplace

I do not now about Yahoo. My son uses Yahoo and his emails are RTF. I normally don't see it because I have normally have TB set to plain text. But I have several related business threads at the moment and, unfortunately the 'ladies' sending the emails like colors and graphics. ;-)

I wonder how many people actually use the extra formatting for anything actually useful. Typically in corporate email none of the extra crap is used for anything actually useful or often at all so is kind of pointless to even have, often when it is used it actually ends up doing something stupid (too small/large of a font, or setting foreground without setting the background or just the opposite), most of which actually make the message harder to get.
You mentioned Yahoo and Thunderbird. There is (was) a TB extension
that would pop yahoo mail without paying the 'bucks' for the pop service.
I have the Yahoo extension, it appears to work reasonably well.


Good. There is always a solution to a problem. Usually the major problem is finding the solution.
Have a good evening.


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