Re: Thunderbird: Cannot send email but can read emails

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Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
Craig White wrote:
| Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
| > I cannot figure out how to get thunderbird to send
| > out email.
| > | > Please advise?
| ----
| Edit (menu) => Account Settings => Outgoing Server SMTP
| | Select the setup you have and click 'Edit' | | By default, Thunderbird uses 'authentication' on | sending...this can be a
| problem with some setups.

What is odd, it seems, that when you create an IMAP
account, in the "Server Settings" area, there is a
"Security Settings" section there where authenication
can be defined, however, there is also a "Outgoing
Server (SMTP)" section that has a "Security And
Authenication" section which duplicates it, ie the
"None", "TLS, if available", ...

What is not clear to me in the "Outgoing Server (SMTP)"
section, "Use name and password", how do you enter both
the username and password in this single field? What is
the delimiter? A space between the two?
Enter just your user name in this field. The passowrd gets prompted for
when it is needed, and it gives you the option to remember it as well.
I have configured my Exchange server to allow all local
only relays, and I even see the log entries identifying
connections, and there appears in it, no errors as to
failed deliveries.  It seems very transparent.

I have no clue where the problem is, I get no returned
failed delivery return messages.  It is very transparent,
or so it seems.

I wonder if I should use F8's sendmail for Outbound
deliveries on the F8 system, providing I have the option
to bypass the IMAP account's Outgoing server settings.
IMAP is an incoming server protocol only. Its for reading email, not
sending it. Thunderbird is trying to configure an outgoing server for
you to use should you wish to reply to an email in your IMAP mailboxes.
I remembered why I abandoned Thunderbird and it was
because I could not figure out how to make outbound
non-local deliveries.
Strange, I've been using Thunderbird (and Mozilla Email before that) for
at least 10 years now. The biggest problem configuring your SMTP is allowing it to accept email from non-local systems (by default, sendmail only accepts email from local hosts on Fedora systems). This is a separate problem from configuring Thunderbird, as that is a problem with sendmail, not Thunderbird. So, if you are running an email server on a different system than you are running Thunderbird on, it gets complicated.
The last time I configured my Thunderbird, at work, for outgoing email,
I had to connect directly to the company's outgoing SMTP server for
outgoing emails. We also had to beg the IT folks to keep the
Exchange/IMAP port open for us to use (unsupported, of course) to be
able to read emails with something else besides Outlook.
Sigh....  it is going to be a long day.

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