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Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
What is odd, it seems, that when you create an IMAP
account, in the "Server Settings" area, there is a
"Security Settings" section there where authenication
can be defined, however, there is also a "Outgoing
Server (SMTP)" section that has a "Security And
Authenication" section which duplicates it, ie the
"None", "TLS, if available", ...
again, if you do not understand what it is, online help should
explain, if not, then ask. you will learn more about what you are
trying to do.

What is not clear to me in the "Outgoing Server (SMTP)"
section, "Use name and password", how do you enter both
the username and password in this single field? What is
the delimiter? A space between the two?
only enter 'user name'. you will be asked for password later in sending.
if you have 'remember name/password' enabled, set master password
and not worry about it each time later.

I wonder if I should use F8's sendmail for Outbound
deliveries on the F8 system, providing I have the option
to bypass the IMAP account's Outgoing server settings.
clearing up present system problems would be better in long run. then
you are not faced with additional interfacing of 2 programs.

I remembered why I abandoned Thunderbird and it was
because I could not figure out how to make outbound
non-local deliveries.
it is easy, you just click somewhere that you should not have, or you
set up outbound wrong.

if you follow mozilla's procedure, or at least read it, you should find what
step you took wrong.

if what you have done has not been experienced and corrected by another,
it may be difficult to trouble shoot. it would be nice if you could press a
button and all return to default.

good luck.

yes. i am using mozilla thunderbird. and it feels good.



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