Best guide for Fedora 9 ever !

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this guide is the best guide for Fedora 9!

How to setup MP3 and Video codecs, ATI and Nvidia drivers,
CompizFusion, etc... you need it they got it :)

Probably most of your question about Fedora 9 are answered there and
the solutions are simple.

There are some errors still left from Fedora 8 guide, so please create
wiki account and help clean it out and if you have some new tips &
tricks please add them.

For example the date for release of Fedora 9 was still left from Fedora 8 :)
And this is the latest one I'm correcting right now:
To see what Fedora 8 will look like check out the tour!!! (but the
link goes correctly to Fedora 9 tour page)


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