Re: setup fedora-list in mail client. pls help

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Thanks tim, it seems like redhat no longer providing the nntp, ok thanks. :)
Tim wrote:
On Tue, 2008-05-20 at 15:03 +0800, Nicholas Yau wrote:
i want to read and find the news in mozilla instead of looking in google.
This makes little sense.  Mozilla is a program, Google is a service.
The Mozilla suite handles HTTP, NNTP, and mail, at least.  There's
several ways that you can use this list in Mozilla, none of which has to
involve Google.

last time i was able to read it while i was using redhat distro 5-6
years ago, i just signed up fedora lately since long time never get in
touch with fedora.

you have any idea?

p/s fedora-list is one of the group. example : nntp / news .
I can only guess at what you're asking about, but here goes, one of them
ought to be what you want...

This list can be read through a webserver (hosted by Red Hat).  You can
use just about any web browsing program that you like (Mozilla, Firefox,
Opera, etc.), and browse through it starting from here:  Despite what the
message list signature says, it's not just for unsubscribing.

You can have this list sent to you as e-mails, and read it through just
about any mail program that you want to (by setting appropriate options
through that web address I just mentioned).  That mail program could be
Mozilla, Thunderbird, Evolution, or even one of the webmail services
like Google's gmail, Yahoo mail, etc.

Gmane provides a news feed that you can access using NNTP and HTTP.  The
HTTP access:
And the NNTP would be as the server name, then look in
the list of groups for:  gmane.linux.redhat.fedora.general

Using the list in your mail client might be the easiest way of
participating, when it comes to replying.  But news might be easiest for
reading (you can quickly see a list of what's available, and only bother
to download what you want to look at).  Last time I tried gmane, it
wasn't too brilliant for replying to postings.

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