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John Priddy wrote:
So I would like to have rhel5 and fc9 coexisting on the same physical disk. My questions/concerns are as follows:
1. Is there any issue with sharing the /boot mountpoint/partition
between both?
2. I haven't worked a lot with shuffling around VGs, but how about
sharing lvm volumes in general? If I create some generic (not root) lvm
volume and lay down an ext3 filesystem in FC9 should I expect any
problems when trying to mount the same in RHEL5? Is there any issue I
should be aware of regarding differing versions of lvm? Is it worth
while/possible to share the swap volume -- lets say I put the computer
into hibernate in FC9, then later on I boot up into RHEL5, whats the
worst thats going to happen?
3. Anyone else out there doing something like this that has any
additional advice?


It works, but it can be a pain in the ass. Personally, I prefer to have
separate /boot partitions, and chainload them from the first one, which holds
the oldest distro. That way, if a new distro adds features that are
incompatible with an older bootloader, each OS is still being loaded by its own
bootloader. The only catch is that you have to be careful and make sure that
when installing the non-primary distros that you put the bootloader on the /boot
partition, not on the MBR.
Anaconda makes it very easy to create a chainload entry pointing to another
partition. I usually leave a few GB of space free so I can create extra /boot
partitions at will, and put all the rest in LVM.
-- Chris

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