fc9 and rhel5 shared /boot and lvm coexistence

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So I would like to have rhel5 and fc9 coexisting on the same physical disk. My questions/concerns are as follows:
1. Is there any issue with sharing the /boot mountpoint/partition
between both?
2. I haven't worked a lot with shuffling around VGs, but how about
sharing lvm volumes in general? If I create some generic (not root) lvm
volume and lay down an ext3 filesystem in FC9 should I expect any
problems when trying to mount the same in RHEL5? Is there any issue I
should be aware of regarding differing versions of lvm? Is it worth
while/possible to share the swap volume -- lets say I put the computer
into hibernate in FC9, then later on I boot up into RHEL5, whats the
worst thats going to happen?
3. Anyone else out there doing something like this that has any
additional advice?


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