Re: Fedora 9 and the road to KDE4

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Rahul Sundaram wrote:

> Since KDE 4 seems to be the current hot topic here, let me pitch in with
> my own view on the state of affairs. Hope you enjoy it.

I found this article very interesting and instructive, 
as one would expect from Rahul.

Surprisingly, I find the changes in Fedora-9/KDE relatively minor
and don't see the dramatic changes Rahul alludes to.
As always, I find the repeated suggestion that Fedora is bleeding edge
slightly bizarre, like an old maid who believes her dress is outrageous.

I didn't see the cashew nut on the top right-hand corner (of what?)
that Rahul mentions.
("The hot spot on the top right corner that looks like a golden cashew nut
allows you to add widgets—called plasmoids–to your KDE desktop.")
The change in the main Fedora/KDE main menu struck me as minimal.
The organization of the menu is slightly more rational,
but I still find it difficult to predict if an application
will be listed under System, Settings or Utilities.
(Windows XP Control Center strikes me as much better in this regard.)

One thing I would like to see is for the test versions of Fedora-X
to be update-able to Fedora-X.
Well, they probably are, but one is always warned that they may not be.
I can't imagine it would be that difficult to organize,
and I would guess that it would vastly increase the number of people
running these versions.

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