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On Thu, May 15, 2008 at 1:56 PM, Paul Johnson <[email protected]> wrote:
> On Thu, May 15, 2008 at 12:10 PM, Kevin Kofler <[email protected]> wrote:
>> Michal Janda <diskuse <at>> writes:
>>> I have feeling that Fedora do not care about KDE users
>> We do care, that's why we offer you the latest and greatest KDE. There are some
>> great things in KDE 4.0 already and there will be more great things (and less
>> breakage) in KDE 4.1, which we're planning to push as an update once it is
>> released. (I really hope this will work out, it will be a big improvement.)
> Do you get the feeling that Fedora might include the
> obviously-not-ready KDE as a way to kill it?  I can't see anybody
> choosing to use KDE now if they did not use it before.  On the other
> hand, I switched from Gnome to KDE 3.5 about 6 months ago, and liked
> it pretty well. Learned to use dcop and get some nice background
> effects.
> When KDE 4 came out, I installed it and most of the stuff I really
> liked about KDE was gone, and could not get any advice on the kde
> mailing lists about how to find the features I wanted.  The KDE
> website had no documentation for version 4, especially when you wanted
> to do something other than find a way to open a panel or a clock.
> Nobody knew how to access dbus to run commands to change the
> background or stuff like that.  The common answer was "KDE 4 is not
> ready yet.."
> Maybe Fedora is administering tough love to KDE.
> Or, if the Fedora team really does prefer Gnome (and there are
> historical reasons why they ought to), they are giving the KDE group
> "enough rope to hang themselves".
Come on I don't think that's fair it is a major revision.
I wasn't a fan of KDE when I first booted Fedora and I still don't use
it but I am going to have to make time to install the KDE desktop now.
I have got too see what is going on with KDE.


And on the eighth day he said "There shall be no rest for the weary."

BTW don't forget to correct me if I am wrong, more than one sentence
would be nice unless its a link to the explanation.

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