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2008/5/15 Anne Wilson <[email protected]>:

> IMHO, KDE4-release was underwhelming and shouldn't have been released
> until it reached feature a parity with KDE 3.5.x.
> IMO, bugs and crashes can be forgiven - but not having an option to set
> the order of applets on a panel (only added in 4.0.3?) or change the
> appearance of the panel was inexcusable.
Why?  What exactly do you want to do that you can't?  It's true that
improvements are coming all the time, but the panel arrangement, for example,
arrived in time for F9 release.

- i cannot put second panel
- i cannot add icon on desktop to launch application or enter directory
- i cannot add any icon to panel to start applications
- there are less applets than in KDE 3.x, for example I was not able to find out how to add "show desktop" applet

For me it seems like a big mistake to publisj F 9 with KDE 4 which have less possibilities than older version, as I use KDE as primary environment is F9 not usable for me at this time. I have feeling that Fedora do not care about KDE users and that many users will stay on older F8.

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