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--- max bianco <[email protected]> wrote:

> >  >
> >  There are several, here's one
> > 
> >
> >  There's also Good Bye ** threads where selinux is
> >  mentioned.  You should be able to find them just
> >  search list with selinux as a keyword.
> >
> >  Regards,
> >
> >  Antonio
> >
> So what you are trying to tell me is that SELinux is
> only grudgingly
> accepted?it is considered a necessary evil? That
> everyone thinks they
> are running the computer equivalent of Superman on
> their desktop?
Do not put things there are that are not.  I just
tried to point to a thread where selinux is discussed
and mentioned.  Look at the archives and find out for
yourself.  Selinux is an additional layer of
protection which may/may not be accepted by all users
of Fedora.  Just like it was mentioned in the other
threads about Fedora an instance the thread:

Fedora Desktop future- RedHat moves

There is no need to beat up the already beaten up dead
horse and bring back ghosts that cycle/loop the lists
for sometime and then get resurrected and come back
for discussion.  This is why many refused to answer
your question.  I should have done the same.  Sorry to
all users for trying to answer (out of courtesy) the
question about an example/examples of the threads.  


> Max
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> Don't worry about stupidity. First of all, stupidity
> inspires it's own
> demise and second , it creates opportunity. This
> ensures progress.
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