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2008/5/7 Mathieu Kretchner <[email protected]>:
> Hello all,
> I would like to upgrade my home computer with fc9 from fc6 and I wondering
> if there is no problem to do the gap ?
> Further more I've a md0 device in raid 1 on my box and I would like to know
> if the install DVD will see it well ?
> Or do you think I must backup all my data all start from scratch ?

I have done yum upgrades on systems from F6 to F8, and after some
vigorous micro managing, all is well. Usually, the upgrade will fail
because some prerequisite is missing or there is a contradiction, and
you just remove problems manually  and yum will work to install the
new ones.

If you are comfortable with the rpm command and its options, I'd say
go  ahead and try it.

For me, the only major danger would be that some important packages
won't get installed.  I think it was between F6 and F7 a great new
thing was put in Fedora called ccache.  It was not installed when I
upgraded, but when I did a fresh install I noticed its wonderful
effect on compilation of programs. Another example, F8 sound would not
work after an rpm upgrade because a package that was needed to connect
the pulse audio framework to kde and flash was not installed.  So some
things you want don't get installed.

The safest thing to do is a clean install after reformatting the root
partition, and as long as you have /home somewhere else, you can use
the customized disk partitions to load your old home and leave it


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