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Tom Poe wrote:
Ed Greshko wrote:
Tom Poe wrote:
I started to register and try out . It said to download softphone "communicator" and ... well, it was a .exe file. First red flag.
The screen said enter user info, so I enter my user name, tom. Guess
The app froze, I decided I didn't like this .exe thing, and restarted
computer. Now, when I bring up network dialog, which requires root
privileges, it won't accept root password, but will accept user tom's
I need to correct this.  Suggestions?
communicator_060427.exe is a DOS executable. How did you install in
on Linux?
The .exe download file opened install wizard when I double-clicked. The second page had a text box to enter user name. When I went to the third screen, the install froze. It apparently took my user name and did something that now has me as root, and root no longer is valid. At login, if I enter root and root password, it locks up. When I do ctl/alt/bkspce, it goes to login screen, and I can login as tom.
Well, doing what you did fired up wine and installs it as a wine application.

Not sure what it would do. In reading the website you got the application there is no indication that it was ever meant for a Linux environment.
I suppose I would boot the rescue CD and change the password of root and
your user account to something new. I would also bring up winecfg and
remove the installed application.
I wonder if there's anything GOOD on tonight?

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