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On Mon, 2008-04-28 at 07:16 -0700, Paul Shaffer wrote:
> I didn't specify at the outset of this discussion, but I have only two complaints regarding this issue and neither of them have to do with software patents, GPL, multimedia and related issues.  Those things are insignificant from my perspective.  What I hate to see is Redhat going down.  Whether any of you believe it or not, Goliath comments aside, they have given themselves a black eye in the minds of many loyal supporters over the past couple of years.  For me personally, the #2 issue is system stability.  In their quest to be bleeding edge or whatever you want call it, I think we have sacrificed way too much in reliability and stability.  I understand the devlopment schedule, testing methodology etc, as justifiable reasons therein.  Initially I thought it was a great thing and eagerly awaited every release looking forward to the things I would be able to see and test for the first time.  However, lately that has degeneratde into a situation I cannot
>  accept as the seeming recklesss abandon with which thay've gone about it.
> That's really all there is to it.  I can easily deal with these issues and that's why you don't see me posting here asking for help.  But it has reached the threshold for me that I am not really enjoying it any more.  I don't use my PCs for anything unusual or complex, just ordinary home office servers and workstations, with pretty much last generation plain vanila hardware.  Despite that, I have lost count of the number of times and hours I've spent in the last two years fixing really dumb stuff like having the network just stop working after an update.  Sure it's easy enough to run the previous kernel for a few days or a week until the fix appears, but that gets tiring after awhile when it becomes a continuous ongoing fear of loading new kernels.  Sorry, but to me, things like that (and there are MANY more), and the frequency whith which they are ocurring just don't cut it for something being offered to the public, I don't care what justification for
>  software philosophy you offer.  Some of it just seems like sloppy work to me
> So I'll cross my fingers and take another step into F9.  If things don't improve, I suppose I'll just sigh and continue being a disgruntled Fedora user.  But fewer of my machines are running it these days, and that trend seems likely to continue.

If what you're doing is pretty ordinary, then try FreeBSD. It can be a
challenge to setup to do everything you want to do, but you can be
pretty damn sure that it will remain stable once you're set.

I also find it faster and far more stable as a system- you may never
have to reboot for a start! One server (I personally witnessed this) was
running for several years non stop and could have kept going if we
hadn't have needed to move it to a new location.

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