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On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 08:10:41AM +0100, Bob Latham wrote:
> > do you know how to ping?
> Yes. Well on everything except Linux it seems as when I just tried it I
> found it worked fine but I could not find a way to stop it pinging. Not
> even the escape key did anything. That just seem like being different for
> the sake of it even if it means being really awkward. In the end I quit
> the terminal and restarted it. I think that's stopped it but I'm not sure.
"on everything except Linux"?  I suspect by that you mean Windows! :-)

On everything (including Linux) that I have worked on a ping command
by default continues for ever.

To stop it you do just the same as you would on the Windows (!)
command line, hit CTRL/C.

Chris Green

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