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> This thread has generated several questions. Let me see if I can
> answer a couple of them.
> How do you stop Shutdown, Reboot, etc from being displayed at the
> login screen:
> You can configure GDM (or the Display Manager of your choice) to
> display what you want. For GDM, you would look in /usr/share/gdm. I
> believe you would edit the defaults.conf file. You can use gdmsetup
> to control some of these things, but editing the setup file gives
> you finer control. You also have the option of choosing a theme that
> does not include them.
> ------------
> How can you control the ability to run the shutdown, reboot, etc
> commands by users.
> You can modify the file in /etc/security/console.apps to control
> what conditions must be met to run the command. In other words, you
> can change the defaults that let the console user run the commands
> to instead require the root password. (Or that the user be a member
> of a specif group, or other conditions.)
> ------------
> One other thing to keep in mind - If you can get at the keyboard,
> the default action of hitting Ctrl-Alt-Delete is to run the shutdown
> command. If you want it to do something else, you need to edit
> /etc/inittab and change "ca::ctrlaltdel:/sbin/shutdown -t3 -r now"
> to what you want the system to do.
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I have been waiting for some solution! Thanks. I was not sure whether to
post this question (Why restart & shutdown buttons) and is this really an
issue? But after reading all the replies; I realize such small things really

Thank You.

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