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On Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 11:33:32 -0600,
  kwhiskerz <[email protected]> wrote:
> Thanks. I am relieved.
> So there will be no cruft remaining?

Maybe. Be sure to check emacs and emacs-comon as there was recently a downgrade
of versions there and if you have the 23 version it will stick around. I don't
know if this is likely to cause a problem for you. Worse comes to worse
you can remove it and then reinstall the dozen or so dependencies without
too much work.

> I have noticed that in the past, when I upgraded from one system to another, 
> there was always garbage, deprecated packages, old configurations, etc, and 
> it never worked properly until I did a virgin install.

I just went from FC5 to Rawhide using yum and was almost able to do it
remotely. Unfortunately the new kernel image wasn't bootable. I suspect
this was because the old kernel had driver names that didn't match those
in the new kernel and mkinitrd made in image that tried to use drivers that
weren't in the current kernel.

I ran package-cleanup --orphans to check for packages that are installed
but not in any repository. You can use the find command in /etc to look
for *.rpm* files and then manually check those to see what you want to do
with them.

The new initscript stuff didn't pull in custom stuff from /etc/inittab,
so if you are running daemontools or something by starting it there,
you'll need to manually add an entry in the /etc/event.d directory.

If you are using Postgres, be sure to do a dump before you upgrade as the
old data files won't be usuable with the new server.

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