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Paul Shaffer:
>>> Just to clarify, I don't disagree with Fedora's approach to the
>>> licensing and software patent issues at all.  In fact, I think it's
>>> quite admirable.  Just maybe not the best way to build user base for a
>>> distro that is ostensibly for "lazy" users.
>> Since when was *this* distribution aimed at them?  Fedora's touted as
>> bleeding edge, for those that want that sort of thing.  Ubuntu's the one
>> targeted at the lazy user - the Windows user who's sick of Windows, but
>> doesn't realise they'd like to use a Mac.  ;-)
Paul Shaffer:
> was referring to users in general. - anyone who might be inclined to use
> Linux on the desktop, as opposed to admins and engineers who might be
> higher level users employing a Linux desktop. 
> Evidently you didn't read the whole thread.  The poster before me made
> the lazy user comment..

I most certainly have.  Evidently you can't write in a coherent manner.
You clearly mentioned Fedora's approach, then went straight into saying
it's maybe not the best way to build a user base...  No mention of
Ubuntu in there, at all.

We're not mind readers, we can't tell what you meant to say, on read
what you actually did.

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