Re: fedora 8 hacked?

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> Personally, I'd be a little suspicious of the Adaptec raid, as I've 
> had issues with their fake-raid chips which are so common.

There are various Adaptec branded ranges and most are not actually
Adaptec as such but bought in, rebadged or relicenced. Adaptec bought up
pretty much everyone else when the hardware raid market imploded some
years ago.

The 'fake raid' ATA is if I remember rightly generic highpoint with a
different PCI ID. Of the others the AACxxx series of hardware/software
combined RAID were never supported in Linux (refused to provide info),
the ex DPT cards are supported and have been extended (aacraid) and in
many respects I think are excellent.

MPT fusion stuff is very nice but high end.

For normal users there isn't much point using hardware raid and with
PCI/E its pretty much a slam-dunk as you don't have bus contention either.


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