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Mark Haney wrote:
Patrick Baldwin wrote:
I'm guessing this is an easy one, but I can't seem to figure out how to
ask Google right.

I just set up a dual boot Windows XP / Fedora 8 system.

I downloaded Fedora Core 8 i386 from the website.  When installing,
I modified the partition table to have a /home and a /share, but
that's the only changes I thought I made.

Everything seems to work fine now, except when I go to the menu
that allows me to select what to boot into, I was expecting to
find only XP (which was Other, until I changed it in grub) and
one Fedora option; I instead have two Fedora options, listed



Just out of curiosity, did you do a 'yum update' at some point on the
reboot? Normally that's how you get more than one kernel option listed.
 I think (someone clarify this if I'm wrong) the default yum update
option for kernels keeps the 2 most recent ones in /boot (and grub) in
case the latest kernel doesn't work on your hardware for some reason.
It's a start. I did not explicitly run 'yum update' from the command
line. I did, however, allow the system to update itself when it told
me via popup in the uper right corner there were two hundred and some
security updates.  I'm guessing this could be it, although confirmation
would be appreciated.  Is there any downside to having two kernels
available in /boot, besides taking up extra space and perhaps causing
a little user confusion?


Patrick Baldwin
Systems Administrator
Studsvik Scandpower

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