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2008/4/8 Todd N <[email protected]>:
> Hello,
> In testing Fedora 9 (using the live CD) I am encountering a problem using
> the Linux Citrix client provided on the Citrix web site.  After installing
> the Citrix client successfully, using the tar.gz version (not the rpm), I am
> able to log into and launch the MetaFrame Presentation Server, but when I
> select an application I get a window stating "Processing Replies from
> Server" which is present for about 2 seconds, then vanishes.  The
> application window is never launched.
> An important thing to note is that I had this same problem with Fedora 8,
> and was able to solve it by updating libxcb to the latest version.  Why has
> the issue appeared again in Fedora 9?
> Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
> Todd
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I know the web site states it needs openmotif-2.2. I could only find
an RPM of 2.3 packaged for F8 at some university (I think I found it
from so even after I installed it I had to do a 'ln -s
/path/to/2.3-file /path/to/2.2-link" and then it worked fine.


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